Process Serving

Our basic package includes the following:

  • Free intake and consultation
  • First serve within 48 hours (Most times less than 24 hours)
  • The remaining two attempts (if needed) will be 48 hours apart (Should a serve day fall on a day we can't serve, it will be the following day)
  • You will receive photo evidence of the address as well where possible a photo of the person served
  • You will receive up to date info on each serve attempt
  • Whether serve is successful or non-serve, you will receive an affidavit for your approval to have notarized unless you provide your own. 
  • Once approved or receipt of your own affidavit, we will notarize and return within 24 hours.
  • Unless otherwise instructed, we adhere to the National Process Server Rules 

Basic Package Price $75.00

We also offer and would love to discuss our same day (where possible), rush service (Three attempts in three days with the first being done within 24 hours),  or any other service you may require.

Check out our free guides "Questions to Ask a Process Server" & "National Process Server Rules", CLICK HERE

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Judgment Recovery

Do you have an unpaid judgment?  have you been unsuccessful at collecting that unpaid judgment?  Has it been sitting there collecting dust? Would you like to turn that judgment into some cash?

It has been stated that 75% of judgments are never collected .  This is because either the judgment holder doesn't have the knowledge how or just don't have the time.

We offer the following:

  • Free initial consultation
  • Service Options in writing
  • If accepted, an agreement will be sent
  • Payment as required
  • Periodic updates when  required
  • Notarized Judgment release upon completion

We offer a guide to help you understand the process titled "A discussion About Judgment", and you can get your free copy HERE

To discuss this further or to get the process started please contact us HERE